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Return to The Beginning: Sneak-Peak by Kyttandragon Return to The Beginning: Sneak-Peak :iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 3 Oh! Hi there! by Kyttandragon Oh! Hi there! :iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 3 6 OMFG!!! by Kyttandragon OMFG!!! :iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 10 Return to the Beginning by Kyttandragon Return to the Beginning :iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 13 Sketch of Moon by Kyttandragon Sketch of Moon :iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 21
To live or To die
"This isn't over Virtual Freddy! I WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU!" A lone voice yelled angrily within the closed Amusement Park. The voice's owner turned around to look at where she was. "Come on, Moon, think! How'd I end up here..? I..I was separated from Goldie when the Generator went out..and..and this green, see-through Freddy appeared in front of us..." The voice grew quiet, whomever owned that voice must've been walking away. When this 'Moon' turned a corner she bumped straight into someone. Without hesitation she whipped out her golden staff that had a Fire gem and Lightning gem fused together as it's source of power. She started to charge it up, but she didn't blast whatever or whoever it was that she ran into immediately, she would give it a chance to resolve this peacefully. It looked to be one of the Nightmare Animatronics, it had a slight golden tint, the animatronic paused, then spoke..
:iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 0
My secrets lie inside (Nightstalker) by Kyttandragon My secrets lie inside (Nightstalker) :iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 0 A photo from Kit by Kyttandragon A photo from Kit :iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 21
Nightstalker apparently can't decide?
Nightstalker happened to be in her realm...Pyhrria. She was near the top of the Jade Mountain where the "Dragonets of Destiny" made a 'school' to her the place was many voices in her head..she knew of two other Mindreaders here....Moonwatcher and Darkstalker. Though only Darkstalker knew of HER, Moonwatcher had no clue that Nightstalker was like her.
If there was thing Nightstalker loved it had to be music...she just hated when Darkstalker decided it was 'fun' to listen in...but that's why she was atop the damned mountain after all.
Her tail made a soft thumping sound as she used it like a drum, her talons tapping their own beat, ironically.

It's not easy having yourself a good time
Greasing up those bets and betters
Watching out they don't four-letter
Fuck and kiss you both at the same time-
Smells like something I've forgotten,
Curled up died and now it's rotten-
I'm not a gangster tonight
Don't want to be a bad girl
I'm just a loner baby
And now you got in my way
:iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 31
Nightstalker's Flame (NightstalkerxDarkstalker)
Nightstalker sat there, she always was one for music. She sat on a cliff side, here she waited...she was waiting to see if Darkstalker, whom she had a crush on for years now even though he had no clue, would show up today. She started with humming soft..but it soon turned to her actually singing. No one, not even her, knew how she hit the notes perfectly.
Put on your war paint
You are a brick tied to me that's dragging me down
Strike a match and I'll burn you to the ground
We are the jack-o-lanterns in July
Setting fire to the sky
He-here comes this rising tide
So come on
Put on your war paint
Cross walks and crossed hearts and hope-to-dies
Silver clouds with grey linings
So we can take the world back from the heart-attacked
One maniac at a time we will take it back
You know time crawls on when you're waiting for the song to start
So dance alone to the beat of your heart

She was unaware of Darkstalker's wing beats coming from behind her...he paused mid-flight and landed quietly,
:iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 0
Who says I can't? (SnowyxFeliss)
(Song taken from Starspeaker: The Call)
Snowy sat in her bedroom staring at pictures of her and Feliss...She didn't know what quite to do. She herself had conflicting thoughts even though she knew he loved her, and she him. Nightstalker knew about them because she was a MindReader, Nightwing-Dragon...she said that Snowy only had those thoughts cause she was in a house filled with mainly girls..Snowy sighed..

 It started out as a feeling,
which then grew into a hope,
which then turned into a quiet thought,
which then turned into a quiet word.

Snowy picked up one picture, a tear falling silently, though she didn't notice but it happened every time with this song.

And then that word grew louder and louder, until it was a battle cry....I'll come back when you call me, no need to say..."Goodbye"...

Memories flowed through her head, everything they had gone through sense their very first meeting..occasionally she'd laugh quietly.

Just because everythings changing,
:iconkyttandragon:Kyttandragon 0 3


Halloween One-Shots: Human!N. Bonnie X Reader
Halloween One-Shots: Bonnie
Slash!” you gasped out eagerly, jumping up out of your chair.
“What?” Bonnie frowned up at you. “Seriously?”
“Yeah! You’re both guitarists, and don’t tell me you haven’t ever felt jealous of his hat!” you grinned down at your boyfriend, truly feeling like you’d come up with something genius.
“((Y/n)), no offense, but…I’m gonna have to say ‘no’,” Bonnie gave you a small smile of amusement.
“Then how am I supposed to help you come up with a good costume for the party!?” you demanded, frustrated. “You’ve turned down every idea I’ve had.”
After announced to Bonnie that you’d been invited to a Halloween party by one of your friends, he’d been more than willing to come with you as your date. However, costumes were required, and he had no idea what he would wear. So, he
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 93 21
Halloween One-Shots: Human!Freddy X Reader
Halloween One-Shots: Freddy
Your eyes were wide with terror, glued to the TV screen even though you desperately wished you could just go hide. On the screen, some innocent little boy was walking into a dark, empty room, unaware of the horrific creature waiting to kill him. Floorboards creaked as the boy continued on, and something skittered along the edge of the screen. He called if anyone was there, shined his flashlight into a corner, and it lunged.
You shrieked and ducked past your boyfriend, worming your way entirely behind him so you could hide. Freddy laughed and twisted around to look at you. “That’s not even the scariest part! You’re really that scared?”
“Yes!!” you sobbed. “This movie is awful! Why would you want to watch it?!”
Besides, it was just poor children being massacred! Who in the hell even wanted to make a movie like that?!
“Hey…you’re not really crying, are you?
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 99 14
Halloween One-Shots: Human!Nightmare X Reader
Halloween One-Shots: Nightmare
“Please?” he begged.
“No,” you said patiently for perhaps the millionth time now as you slipped on the final article of clothing to your costume.
“I promise that I’ll be a good boy! No killing, I swear! I won’t even touch anyone!!” he vowed desperately.
In the reflection of the mirror before you, you could see Nightmare lying on your bed a few feet behind you. He was stretched out on his back, his shoulders, head, and arms dangling off the edge as he gazed up at you from an upside-down angle. The absolute heartbreak on his face was painfully evident, and it made your own heart ache to see.
So, you looked to yourself in the mirror instead. Turning and twisting this way and that, you studied how your costume looked from every angle so that you didn’t have to feel that ache anymore.
“I wish I could believe that, sweetheart, but you aren’t always…stable,
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 128 53
Human!FNAF High School AU Pt.2
You were…hopelessly lost.
The tardy bell had already rang, and, according to what you’d overheard one student saying, that meant you had one minute left to get to class before you would be counted tardy. The only problem was that you had no idea where on Earth your class was.
The hallway was rapidly emptying and students hurried to get to your classes. You considered asking someone for directions, but you were kind of scared to. Maybe you were a little shy, and for that your poor school attendance record might just suffer.
You sighed and gazed down at the schedule in frustration. Where was room 212?! You were getting to the point where you just wanted to give up, fall to the floor, and never get up.
I hate being new…you thought mournfully. I wish one of those others were here…They seemed nice, and Chika did help me find my other classes…
Plus, it’d be more comfortable to just have someone you knew around. Okay, maybe you
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 99 44
Human!Goldie X Human/Animatronic!Reader One-Shot
Temps: This is a rough draft. No editing or revising, so expect errors a-plenty. Plus…this entire plot would’ve gone so much better with Foxy, but…I dunno. I was in a Goldie mood, I guess…And I will be doing another one-shot series with the human/animatronic readers, ‘kay? Oh, and I stole that from Kaijiiro! 
He felt…numb.
No fury.
No pain.
No grief.
No sadness.
Just…nothing. Your screams still rang in his ears though, your cries, your pleads, your begging for him to stop, to have mercy. He’d ignored them then, and he ignored them now. His honey-gold eyes swept over the grotesque mess before him, the broken remains of what had once been a girl he’d loved within the suit of a feline animatronic. Those beautiful irises which he’d caught you admiring many time were now empty.
He took a step back. The wall brushed against him, and he released a shak
:icontempswolfi:TempsWolfi 152 73
A Good Luck Message, Read This Whenever You Need Luck Kit!
I looked at her beautiful face, I needed to, I wanted to, I had to.
"This may be a bit early but..."
I leaned in, eyes closed, and kissed her. I knew she was the one, I'd known it for ages, and now I'd just proved it. She was the one. Snowy. The girl I loved more than anything else in the entire world.
:iconalinaalina804:alinaalina804 2 3
Kit (Gift) by CometFire21 Kit (Gift) :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 7 35
Inbetween Worlds | Chapter 2.5 (Crack)
A/N: Swearing.
“No! This feels wrong!” Steve protested.
“Just say it, Steve,” the director sighed. “It's a few lines, and then we can move on.”
“Fine, fine,” the blond pouted, holding his hands up.
“Alright. Take two, people!” The clapboard snapped shut.
“Steve?” you asked, putting your best dazed face on.
Steve did his best to give you a sappy smile. “That's my name, sweetheart. Don't wear it out.”
You stared at him with your mouth slightly open. “But… y-you're...”
“Aw, I see my charm never fails to turn you into a stuttering mess. I'm flattered.” He broke off into a laugh that was strangely smooth. “What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? I can think of some better uses for that pretty mouth of yours than a damn cat if-”
Tony jumped in then, smacking Steve in the back of the head harder than he needed to and yelling, “Watch your fucking lan
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 49 51
.The Squad. by CaramelCraze .The Squad. :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 259 53 .A Smol fox and his Senpai. by CaramelCraze .A Smol fox and his Senpai. :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 771 106 I've got a Migraine- [GIF] by CaramelCraze I've got a Migraine- [GIF] :iconcaramelcraze:CaramelCraze 376 90 Or was it me? (Five Nights at Freddy's 4) by ArtyJoyful Or was it me? (Five Nights at Freddy's 4) :iconartyjoyful:ArtyJoyful 555 185 Freddy's band poster (Five Nights at Freddy's) by ArtyJoyful Freddy's band poster (Five Nights at Freddy's) :iconartyjoyful:ArtyJoyful 500 81



Sorry that I haven't been here, or really twitter, recently..just been depressed. I feel like my family is ripping apart and I'm still trying to keep it together..
Kitty (Kit) half-panther experiment, she has Raw Magic but with the price of being forcefully fused with 2 other beings, Blaze and Darkness

Guenhwyvar (Guen) a panther from a different POE and a human form

Snowy a Siberian Tiger from a different POE and a human form

Shade a shiny umbreon with blood-crimson red eyes

Twix a hyper active lynx-girl with the knowledge of 2 lifetimes

Bane a mysterious dragon that is very secretive

Nightstalker a Night Wing from Pyrrhia whom has telepathy and the ability to see the future

Loki the long lost, and forgotten about, son of the god of Mischief, Loki (Of Asgard)

Shadow a girl from the shadow-realm, she can teleport via shadows..this is also called Shadow-Walking

Hallow a black-furred Sabretooth Tiger Animatronic that can walk on 2 legs or 4

Blaze a bad tempered Fire Elemental Dire Panther

Darkness a Dark Elemental Dire Panther with a mysterious temper

Crystal a Legendary Pokémon trainer that befriends her legendaries and doesn't force them to stay by her side

Smoke an assassin of high ability and a very unique feline companion, he has a weakness for kittens/kitties

Thunder A unique companion to Smoke, he was found by Smoke on a very stormy day when he was very young, he is fiercely loyal to Smoke

Moon a normal girl who never fit in quite right, she went to the FNAF World amusement park where she met Goldie, a golden bear with mysterious abilities, and resides there to this day, she is armed with special weapons that Goldie made for her, should he himself not be there to protect her...she is currently fighting to rid the park, and ultimately the world, of Virtual Freddy..not too much is known about her though

This is all I can think of as of right now, I'll probably make different journals for each day...OH! And let me know if you guys want me to make a series for a character!

Current characters with a series-
Moon- To live or To Die


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I'm not much, just a high schooler that's got Autism and loves to try to make others smile~!


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